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Working at Batch

Are you hard working, punctual, fun loving and love good bakery? Do you love music and have a good sense of humor, even in the early morning hours? Are you looking for a place where you can share your talents, work with others who share your passion, and have a good time while your working?  Then we’re looking for you! 

Come work in one of Madison’s “Best Places to Work,” work with others who share your passion and have fun doing it. 

Batch offers competitive wages plus tips, and benefits, with plenty of opportunities for advancement, great t-shirts, and a free loaf of bread and a pastry on days you work. 

Pastry position OPEN

Batch Bakehouse is looking to add another talented, hard-working pastry assistant to the team! Candidates must have strong production pastry baking experience, and be familiar with laminated doughs. Timeliness and ability to work well on a team with others is also required.Our bakers show up early and work hard, but we maintain a great atmosphere and the work is rewarding. Send resumes and a brief statement. Part-time and full-time opportunities available. Apply now by completing the application form.

Part-time bakery delivery driver OPEN

Batch is looking for a delivery driver for approximately 15 hours/week. Shifts needed are Thursday/Friday (6am~11am) and Saturday/Sunday (5:45am~8am). Our drivers deliver pastry and stock our breads neatly on the shelves of local grocery stores. Applicants should have a clean driving record, some delivery experience, and should love bread and excel at showing up on time. Send resumes. Apply now by completing the application form.

Weekend Packager position OPEN

Batch Bakehouse is hiring a part-time weekend packager — shifts are Saturday/Sunday 3:30am-1:30pm with a one-hour lunch break. Duties include packaging bread and pastry for wholesale as well as setting up the bread case in retail. The packager must be able to stay organized while hustling to clear the shelves and package product up on time for delivery. Candidates should have some food service experience, either front or back-of-house, and be willing to work very hard to meet early deadlines. Send resumes. Working interview may be required. Apply now by completing the application form. 

Retail Staff opening

Batch Bakehouse is looking for the newest member of our retail team. Looking for staff who can hustle and get the job done with a smile on your face; be personable at the counter and move quickly on your feet during rushes and when cleaning up at close; multitask taking and filling orders, daily chores and helping walk-in customers. We like to laugh and have a good time, but we all take pride in our work and strive to do an excellent job. Retail experience a must. Bakery/kitchen experience a plus. Are you the one we’re looking for? Part-time position with up to 24 hours per week, depending on availability. This is NOT a baking position. Starting pay $8.50/hour plus shared tips and free bakery shift items. Apply now by completing the application form. 

Baker position OPEN

Batch Bakehouse is hiring for the bread department. Exploit this opportunity to hone your baking skills: with single-rise doughs and breads from brioche to burger buns; or with slow proofing doughs, breads from sourdough to slow fermented yeast doughs and hearth loaves (primarily baguettes and batards).

At Batch, we work in a relaxed atmosphere; yet we maintain, and expect, a sense of urgency for maximizing time and production. You can expect to coordinate your work and work space with others, and you must be willing to accommodate their time and effort with your own.   Apply now by completing the application form.