Batch Bakehouse thrives after four years on the east side

By Stephanie Bedford | Special to the Capital Times

Cheese croissantsThe restaurant business is notoriously transitory, its legendarily high failure rate attributable to any number of factors including (but not limited to) kitchen fires, lost leases, bookkeeping tomfoolery and romantic breakups.

So when a dining establishment has been a going concern for four solid years of growth and expansion, like Willy Street’s Batch Bakehouse has, it’s a cause for celebration all around.


Willy Street itself has become a jam-packed fine dining corridor on the east side and Batch is one of its flagship bakeries. Batch cranks out authentic French baguettes and croissants as well as other delicious butter-and-flour treats that create a condition one customer has dubbed “the paralysis of choice.”

Like any upstart kitchen, Batch has not enjoyed a completely smooth road from point A (new bakery in small location) to point B (established bakery in larger digs). Even if you’ve never sampled their wares, you might have heard about it two summers ago when it had the dubious distinction of being plowed into by an errant motorist…. >> READ MORE >>

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