Best Places to Work 2014

Madison Magazine

Published On: Mar 20 2014 09:59:00 AM CDT
Best Places to Work 2014

Clan. Folk. Group. Tribe. Family. These might not be the first words to roll off your tongue when dishing about your boss or coworkers.

But the winners of our latest “Best Places to Work” contest referred to their colleagues as family so frequently, we found ourselves double-checking the dictionary.

“We’re really a family here.”

“Team members treat each other as family.”

“We treat all of our employees as if they were family.”

“We are a big family here and have fun.”

What does it mean, in the context of work, to feel like a family?

“Feeling like a family can be interpreted as having one’s work valued, being treated with respect, and being given the opportunity to grow and develop in one’s career.”


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