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Our Bakery - Batch Bakehouse
1402 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
For the best selection, arrive early and visit often! 
Tuesday - Saturday 7AM - 6PM, Sun 7AM - 3PM (608)257-1652


The Willy Street Co-op - EAST
1221 Williamson Street, Madison WI 
Look for our breads in the bread aisle, right near the cheese case.  Look for our pastry in the pastry cases by the juice bar.  
Open daily 7:30AM - 9:30PM  (608)251-6776

The Willy Street Co-op - WEST
6825 University Ave., Middleton WI
Look for our baguette & breads in the bread aisle.  Look for our croissant & pastry in the pastry cases.  
Open daily 7:30AM - 9:30PM  (608)284-7800

The Market - Midvale
515 S Midvale Blvd
Madison, WI 53711
Offering our baguette and breads, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.  Croissants on Saturday too!
Open daily:  Mon-Fri 8 am - 9 pm, Sat 9 am - 8 pm, Sunday hours soon.  (608) 819-8004

Madison Fresh Market 
703 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715
Find a selection of our croissants in their self-serve pastry case. Demi-baguette and loaf breads in the bread aisle too.
Open daily: 6 AM - Midnight   (608)287-0000 

Whole Foods Market  
3313 University Ave., Madison WI 
Look for our croissant and pastry items in the Bakery, and our breads in the bread department.
Open daily 8:00AM - 10:00PM  (608)233-9566

Metcalfe's Market - HILLDALE
726 N. Midvale Blvd., Madison WI 
Look for our baguette (daily) and Challah (Friday only) in the bread section. 
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  (608)238-7612 

Metcalfe's Market - WEST  
7455 Mineral Point Rd., Madison WI 
You'll find our croissants, morning buns, and monkey bread in the pastry case and our baguette in the bread section.  Challah on Fridays.
Open 6:00AM - 11:00PM, 7 days a week  (608)829-3500


1 South Pinckney st., Madison WI
Serving our pastries for breakfast & lunch, 1 block off the Capitol Square. 
Open 7:00AM - 2:00PM, Monday through Saturday.  (608)268-0114

Johnson Public House - NEAR EAST SIDE
908 E. Johnson St., Madison WI
Enjoy a pastry with an epic cappuchino or coffee. 
M-Th 7AM-8PM, Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat&Sun 8AM-6PM  (608)347-0483

Dexter's Pub  - EAST SIDE
301 North St, Madison WI 53704
Pair a Batch pretzel with their awesome beer list any day of the week. 
Open 11am - bartime, 7 days a week (608) 244-3535 

617 Williamson St., Madison WI 
Enjoy a Batch baguette in a lively bar scene with bistro fare, & great views of Lake Monona.
Tues-Thurs 5PM-10PM, F&Sat 5PM-11PM, Sun 9AM-9PM  (608)441-1600

One Barrel Brewing - ATWOOD
2001 Atwood Ave., Madison WI 53704
Enjoy a Batch pretzel with one of their small batch brews.
Open 4pm-11pm M-F, 12pm - 11pm Sat& Sun 

Alchemy Cafe - ATWOOD
1980 Atwood Ave., Madison WI
Enjoy their 'Batch Bakery Grilled Bread' with a drink and enjoy the live music.
Open 11:30AM - bartime, 7 days a week  (608)204-7644 

Iron Works Cafe at the Goodman Center - ATWOOD
149 Waubesa St., Madison WI
Enjoy a pastry with your morning coffee in the cafe.
M-F 8AM-2PM, Sat&Sun 8AM-2PM  (608)241-1574

Working Class Catering at the Goodman Center - ATWOOD
149 Waubesa St., Madison WI
Planning an event at the Goodman Center?  We work directly with Working Class Catering to meet the bakery needs of your event.   (608)204-7644

Mother Fool's Coffeehouse - WILLY STREET
1101 Williamson St., Madison WI

Serving up our Fougasse.  
M-F 7AM-11PM, Sat&Sun 8AM-11PM (608)259-1301

Creamery Cafe - PAOLI
6858 Paoli Road, Paoli WI 53508

Fantastic lunch and brunch service.  Dine next to the beautiful Sugar River. 
W-F 11AM-3PM,
Sat 11AM-3PM & Sun 10AM-3PM (608)845-6600


Token Creek Eco-Inn
3919 Gray Rd, DeForest WI
Sleep in luxury, take a class, enjoy Batch for breakfast!


La Donia Cafe
Library Mall W-F, Capitol Square Saturdays, watch her FB for updates and venues

Melted. An Urban Grilled Cheese Shop:  - coming soon


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