pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Holiday Menu


Accepting orders through 5pm, Sunday, November 20th. Download print version – click here.


Apple Cranberry Streusel-Top Pie

Fresh apples and cranberries with cinnamon and sugar in our traditional pie crust. Topped with streusel. $25.00


Apple Streusel Pie with Deco Crust       

Fresh apples with cinnamon & sugar fill our traditional pie crust.  Topped with a brown sugar streusel and elegant leaf crust. This pie makes a stunning centerpiece dessert. $28.00


Pumpkin Pie   

Flaky tradional pie crust holds our spiced pumpkin filling. Decorative leaf crust. $25.00


Blueberry Streusel-top Pie

Our traditional pie crust filled with sweetened Blueberries, topped with streusel. $25.00


Bourbon Pecan Pie

Flaky traditional pie crust holds our sinfully delicious pecan filling packed with freshly toasted pecans and a nip of Yahara Bay bourbon.  $25.00


Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Same as above, add dark Belgian chocolate.  $25.00


Chocolate Cream Pie

Dark chocolate cream filling topped with whipped cream. $25.00


Apple Cake

Made with fresh apples and cream cheese, this cake is super moist and not overly sweet.  Finished with cinnamon sugar. 10”, serves 8+ $24.00


Enriched White Dinner Rolls

Classic enriched white dinner rolls, banquet style, super soft. Sold by the dozen.  Contains milk & egg.    dozen $9.00


Walnut Bleu Cheese Bread

Elegant savory hand-shaped loaf with veins of blue cheese and walnuts throughout. loaf  $8.85


Epi de Ble

Our classic French baguette shaped like a chaff of wheat. Breaks apart easily into 8 crusty dinner rolls. each $3.75



Classic French baguette. Serves 6-8. each $3.75


Cheese Ficelle

Classic French baguette folded with and rolled in Pecorino-Romano. each $3.00


A variety of festive items & other pie flavors will be available daily & for order throughout the holiday season. Please inquire as to flavors and availability. We will be baking all of our regularly scheduled breads; please confirm bread schedule to add to your order.

Place your weekend orders in advance. We will be closed on Friday.

Everyone at Batch wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.