Valentine’s Holiday Menu

 Effective February 1-February 14, 2016

Valentine’s Menu 2015

Intro to valentine menu…..


Swiss Kiss Roll  –  6″ cake $26.00, 12” cake $48.00

Chocolate cake roll with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberry. Elegantly decorated for Valentine’s.

Flourless Chocolate Cake  –  6″ cake $32.00

Rich dark chocolate flourless cake decorated & finished with dark chocolate ganache.  A chocolate lover’s dream.

Heart Shaped Linzer Cookies  –  $2.50 each

Delicate pecan cookie filled with raspberry preserve.

Mini Door County Cherry Pie  –  $4.25 each, gift box of 2 pies $8.00

Sweet tart red Cherries in a flaky pie crust. Lattice or heart cut-out crust.

Baguette  –  $3.75

Classic French baguette.  Don’t risk missing the last loaf at the counter, pre-order!

Epi de blé  –  $3.75

Baguette shaped to resemble a wheat stalk.  These are so popular that we highly recommend pre-ordering.

Chocolate Cherry Sourdough  –  $8.85

Dark Chocolate Chunks and Door County cherries throughout our classic levain of rye & white flours.

Walnut Bleu Sourdough  –  $8.85

Elegant hand shaped loaf with veins of bleu cheese and walnuts throughout.

To place your order, call (608) 257-1652 x1 or use the form on this page. Happy Valentine’s Day!