Flour power: Art space: Batch Bakehouse

The Isthmus by ANDRÉ DARLINGTON JULY 5, 2012 The first of the second-wave bakeries was Batch Bakehouse. It opened its doors down near Yahara River in late 2009 in a space that already had ovens from the prior tenant, Pavlov’s Pizza. This small, quiet, full-service bakery quickly became a foot-traffic sensation on the east side,…

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Batch Bakehouse re-opens following car crash

Susan Detering, owner of Batch Bakehouse along Williamson Street, surveys the damage from a speeding car that crashed into the front of the business in the early morning hours Wednesday. Detering estimates the damage will stop production at the artisan bakery for a day or two. She said one worker was in the building when the crash occurred and was shaken up but not injured.

Batch Bakehouse re-opened Saturday, three days after an alleged drunken driver slammed into its building at 1511 Williamson St….

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The Hands Behind the Dough at Batch Bakehouse

Madison Magazine Author: Derrell Connor Published On: May 17 2012 01:56:00 PM CDT Sometimes, life has a way of creating a path for you when you least expect it. Take the case of Lauren Carter. Originally from Arkansas, Carter was working at a small bakery in Seattle, having moved there after attending graduate school at the University…

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Manna from Willy Street

Madison Magazine Author: Nancy Christy and Neil Heinen Published On: Jun 16 2010 02:47:00 PM CDT ami Lax, owner of Harvest and The Old Fashioned restaurants, put the question to us recently in a way that left no confusion about her motivation. “Have you been to Batch yet? They’re kind of short on parking, but with…

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