Where to Buy


The Willy Street Co-op – EAST
1221 Williamson Street, Madison WI 
Look for our breads in the bread aisle, right near the cheese case.  Look for our pastry in the pastry cases by the juice bar.
Open daily 7:30AM – 9:30PM  (608) 251-6776

The Willy Street Co-op – WEST
6825 University Ave., Middleton WI
Look for our baguette & breads in the bread aisle.  Look for our croissant & pastry in the pastry cases.
Open daily 7:30AM – 9:30PM  (608) 284-7800

The Willy Street Co-op – NORTH
2817 N Sherman Ave., Madison WI
Look for our baguette & breads in the bread aisle.
Open daily 7:30AM – 9:30PM  (608) 471-4422

Metcalfe’s Market – HILLDALE
726 N. Midvale Blvd., Madison WI 
Look for our baguette (daily) and Challah (Friday only) in the bread section.
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  (608) 238-7612

Metcalfe’s Market – WEST  
7455 Mineral Point Rd., Madison WI 
You’ll find our croissants, morning buns, and monkey bread in the pastry case and our baguette in the bread section.  Challah on Fridays.
Open 6:00AM – 11:00PM, 7 days a week  (608) 829-3500




WE'RE OPEN!Our retail store is open for walk-in customers 8am - 2pm Tuesday - Sunday.

Please follow posted FORWARD DANE guidelines. Shop solo. Social distance. Sanitize. Face Covering. You know what to do. We CAN'T WAIT to SEE you!